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Technical Library    
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Waterproofing Existing Basements
Available to purchase
Basement Waterproofing Design Guide
Available to purchase
Basement Waterproofing Site Guide
Available to purchase
BS 8102 Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground
Available to purchase
Protection Against Groundwater Flooding
pdf format  289 KB
Surface Water Run-off and Sustainable Drainage Systems
pdf format  414 KB
Basement Tanking by Vandex
pdf format  165 KB
Building Regulations  
Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet (February 2005)
pdf format  1192 KB
Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document A - Structure (2004 edition)
pdf format  455 KB
Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document C2 - Resistance to Moisture (2004 edition)
pdf format  1251 KB
Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document F - Ventilation (2006 edition)
pdf format  1467 KB
Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document H - Drainage (2002 edition)
pdf format  513 KB
Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document - Materials and Workmanship (2000)
pdf format  234 KB
Building Regulations 1991 Approved Document - Basements for Dwellings (1997 edition)
pdf format  482 KB
Flood Protection  
Damage Limitation - How To Make Your Home Flood Resistant
pdf format  813 KB
Preparing for Floods
pdf format  588 KB
Managing Flood Risk
pdf format  231 KB
Preparing For A Flood - Practical Advice on What to do to Protect yourself and your Property
pdf format  939 KB
During A Flood - Practical Advice on What to do to Stay Safe in a Flood
pdf format  532 KB
After A Flood - Practical Advice on Recovering From a Flood
pdf format  468 KB
Flood Warden Schemes
pdf format  453 KB
Managing Flood Risks in Parishes - a Best Practice Guide
pdf format  1711 KB
Drinking Water Storage  
Drinking Water Storage Tanks by Vandex
pdf format  514 KB
Sewage Systems  
Waterproofing and Protection of Sewage Systems by Vandex
pdf format  218 KB
Energy Efficient Ventilation in Housing Good Practice Guide
pdf format  2280 KB
Health and Safety  
Health and Safety Information Sheet - Cement
pdf format  21 KB
Health and Safety Information Sheet - Safety in Excavations
pdf format  75 KB
Safe Work in Confined Spaces
pdf format  241 KB
Health and Safety Information Sheet - Safety Helmets
pdf format  21 KB
Health and Safety Information Sheet - Dust Control on Concrete Cutting Saws
pdf format  91 KB
Control the Risks from Hand Arm Vibration
pdf format  169 KB
The Essential Health and Safety Toolkit
pdf format  669 KB
Five Ways to Reduce Risk on Site leaflet
pdf format  81 KB
Manufacturer Leaflets  
Natural Cement - NatCem 35 - Fast Setting Mortar Premix
pdf format  987 KB
Natural Cement - NatCem AC - Anti Carbonation Coating
pdf format  510 KB
Natural Cement - Shotcrete 513 - Fast Setting Dry Spray Concrete
pdf format  534 KB
Natural Cement - Waterstop Product Data
pdf format  657 KB
Natural Cement - NatCem Tank Product Data
pdf format  755 KB
Newton - Waterproofing and Damp Control Range
pdf format  2358 KB
Newton - System 500
pdf format  2942 KB
Oldroyd - Foundations and Basements
pdf format  1445 KB
Oldroyd - Interior Walls
pdf format  1101 KB
Ronacrete - Ronafix - Admixture for Waterproof Renders and Tanking
pdf format  84 KB
Ronacrete - Ronafix Prebagged Render
pdf format  97 KB
Ronacrete - Ronabond Stop Crack - Fibre Reinforced Flexible Filler
pdf format  61 KB
Ronacrete - Monoplug - Instant Water Stop
pdf format  55 KB
Ronacrete - Sewer Renovation System
pdf format  47 KB
Vandex Chemelast - Elasticised Waterproofing Slurry
pdf format  395 KB
Vandex CRS Concrete Repair and Protection System
pdf format  340 KB
Vandex Expaseal - Expanding Waterstops for Construction and Expansion Joints
pdf format  414 KB
Vandex Plug - Thirty Second Plugging and Installation Mortar
pdf format  93 KB
Vandex Super / Super White - Crystalline Waterproofing
pdf format  606 KB
Vandex Waterproofing Tape for Construction Joints and Cracks
pdf format  57 KB
These documents have been submitted by members and the British Structural Waterproofing Association accepts no responsibility for their content. Copyright remains with the publishers.

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