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Waterproofing guides available including Waterproofing Existing Basements BS 8102

BS 8102 is the British Standards Institute Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground.


BS8102 gives recommendations and provides guidance on methods of dealing with and preventing the entry of water from surrounding ground into a structure below ground level.


BS8102 covers the use of

Waterproofing barrier materials applied to the structure
Structurally integral watertight construction
Drained cavity construction.


It also covers the evaluation of groundwater conditions, risk assessment and options for drainage outside the structure. BS8102 applies to structures which extend below ground level and those on sloping sites.


BS 8102 


Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground



ISBN 978 0 580 59399 4





Normative References

Terms and Definitions

Design Philosophy

Site Evaluation

Water-Resisting Design

General Construction Issues

Type A (Barrier) Protection

Type B (Structurally Integral) Protection

Type C (Drained) Protection

Remedial Measures


List of Figures

Design Flowchart

Schematic Illustrations of Type A, Type B and Type C Waterproofing Protection

Sub-Surface Drainage Positioning

Effect of Structure on Applied Waterproofing Barrier

Pile to Floor Slab Junction

Effect of Bonded or Partially Bonded Barriers

List of Tables

Use of Different Protection Types Based on Water Table Classification

Grades of Waterproofing Protection

Categories of Barrier Materials

BS 8102:2009 replaces BS 8102:1990 which has been withdrawn. 

This is a full revision of the standard, and includes the following changes:

A number of recent developments are addressed, which are important when specifying, designing and constructing below ground structures, including

More deep construction in congested urban areas

An increase in the provision of residential basements

Development and use of new materials for waterproofing.


A more detailed assessment is provided of the risks in below ground construction and how these might best be addressed.

To order

BS 8102:2009 can be ordered directly from the BSI.



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