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Conversion of damp, unused domestic basement
in Stoneygate, Leicester
When a family with a property in Stoneygate, Leicester found they needed extra space they decided to convert their damp unused basement into a new lounge and home office.    

Before work could commence the existing basement had to be stripped out prior to the installation of a thermal dry cavity drain membrane system to the walls and a tougher membrane to the floors.

This would enable carpet or wood flooring to be laid without fear of moisture spoiling the furnishings.

The increased U value of the thermal dry cavity drain membrane gives it an edge over standard wall membranes, keeping heat where it is most needed - in the basement!
Three separate areas along with new plumbing and electrics were created.

Finally replastering was carried out to the walls and ceilings allowing the client to then finish the project by decorating to suit their tastes.
The delighted client now has a basement to be proud of that benefits from a long term guarantee as well.    
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