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Severe flooding rectified at HMV
in Oxford Street, London

The HMV flagship store in Oxford Street, London was subjected to severe flooding to the right hand flank wall at basement level, which saturated the carpet in the Classical section of the store.


Customers were literally splashing water over their shoes as they browsed. The cause of the flooding was a combination of ground water ingress, a leaking fire hydrant, rainwater seeping through the external pavement lights and blocked drains.


A single solution was needed to overcome all the problems. A cavity drain membrane was installed to the walls of the affected area, stretched diagonally across the soffit (using metal fast track battening to support the soffit membrane and prevent bulging) in order to catch any further seepage through the pavement lights. An internal peripheral drainage channel was set into the slab at the wall/floor junction to drain all the collected water into a sump chamber, which had a dual pumping system and alarm. The collected water was then pumped out up to ground floor level into the existing drainage system.


After completion of the works and following a routine visit to the store during torrential rain, the pumps were removing significant amounts of water, leaving the store completely dry. Previously that amount of rain would have resulted in several millimetres of standing water in the basement section of the shop.





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