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Uxbridge Lido restored to its former glory
by Ronacrete and Cemplas
Originally built in 1935, Uxbridge Lido was an elongated 12 sided star in shape with two fountains at either end. The Lido closed in 1998 and since then had fallen into disrepair and was covered in graffiti. The refurbishment which was overseen by English Heritage involved restoring the Lido's distinctive features, such as the grandstands, cascades and entrance, which had survived almost unchanged since the leisure centre opened in the 1930s. The grade II-listed open air swimming pool, perhaps the Lido's most recognizable attraction, was also lovingly refurbished. 
A major part of the refurbishment works was to the Lido North Block. Ronacrete and Cemplas worked closely in putting a specification together that would provide the necessary protection and cosmetic appearance required by English Heritage. Cemplas grit blasted the entire surface to remove the old existing coatings before chasing out cracked sections in the brickwork and installing a Helibar system to restore the original structural integrity.
Following the structural remedial repairs, all elevations of the North Block were given a new surface finish using Ronacrete’s Ronafix modified polymer render to provide a securely bonded durable waterproof render. On completion of the application of the Ronafix render, Cemplas overcoated the building with Ronacrete’s Joltec elastomeric protective/decorative coating. The Ronafix render system has a BBA Certificate and the Joltec coating is insurable for 10 years against failures.
A key part of the brief from English Heritage was to keep the building exactly as it was, so all measurements had to match the existing right down to the last millimetre, and Cemplas used laser levels to ensure each new measurement and application of the Ronafix render was absolutely precise.
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