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Basement of 1840's built Farmhouse
in Essex by Ronacrete
Owned by a local family and recently the subject of a substantial home improvement investment, the property standing in an acre of grounds included a natural well. A third of the property sat below ground and to allow the use of these rooms for family living a solution was needed to keep the water out. 
Ronafix was used, applied as a waterproof tanking render and also a two coat flexible waterproof slurry on to concrete walls, engineering bricks and house bricks.
Ronafix has been awarded four Agrément Certificates, one of which specifically endorses and confirms its use for such waterproofing applications. It is a single part modified styrene butadiene liquid additive for cement mortars which enhances physical and chemical properties, allows mortars to be placed in thin section, provides waterproofing and resistance to frost and promotes adhesion to building surfaces.  
Waterproofing has been carried out over an 18 month period and the rooms are now decorated, occupied, and dry.
This case study has been submitted by a member and the British Structural Waterproofing Association accepts no responsibility for its content. 

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