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Resin grouting of lift pit
in London
These lift pits flooded with approximately 2ft of water, causing problems with the lift mechanism and maintenance.
  High-pressure pneumatic and electric pumps are used to pressure grout with various resins including water reactive polyurethane and chemical reacting acrylics.
Some of these resins react with the leaking water at depth within the structure and actually ‘consume’ the water in a chemical reaction and turn it into part of the waterproof material deep within the cracks and voids.
Either a high-pressure injection lance or non-return injection valves are used at the entry point into the structure.
Finally a ‘tanking’ system is applied over the entire area as a secondary means of waterproofing. In this case a polymer modified cement based thin section render was used. Note that this kind of system would only be used where the structure was sufficiently rigid and strong and where means of eliminating water pressure have been implemented. Relying on the tanking material alone would be a high risk strategy.
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