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Structural waterproofing system for three new build houses in Leicestershire
The underground structure of a new build housing project in Leicester needed an effective structural waterproofing system. As a requirement of the National Housing Building Council (NHBC), the complete external wall to one of the three plots would be 3m beneath the finished damp proof membrane. A waterproofing system was therefore required to ensure the structure was resistant to the water table and probable water ingress.



Original plans showed land drains to be installed around the perimeter. However, following a detailed inspection and to comply with BS8102 2009 guidelines, a primary membrane and double drain system was recommended to be installed at the base of the foundation slab with drainage connected to a maintainable drain outlet. This would allow for control of free water and dampness and also provide a dry waterproof inner skin acting as a vapour control layer.



Vapour membrane was painted to the foundation slab and surrounding surfaces. An angled floor wall joint was applied to the block wall and foundation slab. The double drain was then fitted to the entire wall across and down the side of the foundation slab with careful positioning of the drainage pipe, essential to ensure water had the means to be channelled away effectively. Filter fabric of the membrane was positioned to prevent soil entering the membrane cavities and impede drainage. The land drains were then installed to the water outlet before the whole area was back filled with great care taken to ensure no damage occurred to the membrane. 

The waterproofing system was designed and project managed to ensure correct installation and all works complied with the NHBC and BS8102 documents in order for a guarantee on the system to be provided. The work was approved by the NHBC on completion.




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