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Refurbishment of railway arches at Festival Hall, London creates new retail outlets
As part of the ongoing development of Festival Hall in London the railway viaduct area has been designated for prime retail development. Waterproofing systems are being applied to three arches to enable them to be used as retail outlets. 
  The arches are open to the elements and are subject to the ingress of both rain water and water contaminated by fuel and oil from passing trains above. 

In order to provide internal protection and to conform to Network Rail requirements First Property Preservation Ltd were contracted to install Rockwell Arch Lining and waterproof cladding. 

Firstly battens were carefully and precisely set out around the arch and on the walls at specific centres to receive the cladding. Then corrugated profile interlocking sheet cladding was applied internally around the arch and to the walls. Ingressing water was then channelled behind the internal system and into preformed drainage channels at the wall/ floor junction. Following installation of this sytem the shop fitting can be carried out with the peace of mind that internal finishes will remain dry. 
    The arch has been clad with Rockwell Arch Lining.
When this project is completed there will be three retail units available, suitable for any kind of retail use. Each project we undertake is backed up by extensive guarantees giving our client piece of mind now and in the future.
This case study has been submitted by a member and the British Structural Waterproofing Association accepts no responsibility for its content. 

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